Massage Customs

Customized Theraputic Massage



At Massage Customs our mission is to provide you with quality, customized massage and bodywork. Decrease stess and pain and increase function, so that your health and your quality of life can improve.

Why we are different

High Standards and Great Service

 We have set exepitonally high standards of quality for massage therapy in our practice, as well as customer service.  We don't just want our clients to go to sleep, but to experience true relief from everyday stress and activities. We try to find the root of the problem, to help you correct it or help find the right treatment for you.

We also understand that a good massage isn't enough, and that's why we strive to provide the best customer service to every guest we have. We have a passion for people because if it wasn't for you there would be no Massage Customs. 

We try to treat regulars superbly, and new clients like regulars. 


We serve you, not sell you

we will never try to sell or use products that we dont believe in or think are beneficial or necessary. Rest assured everything we reccommend we would use or do ourselves.

You Get More Time

Unlike many other spas, we do Full 60 minute and 90 minute And 120 minute sessions. Not 50 minutes crammed into an hour time slot.  this way you get an extra 10 minutes of hands on time, and you can relax on your way out without being rushed.

We Listen

We do Custom Massage here.  That means that when you have a problem, we listen.  we don't just go through the motions of a normal routine. We focus on your individual needs wether they be pain relief, injury, maintenance, or just relaxation with focus on the feet.  We do our best to tailor each experience to your requests, which means being able to break out  of a routine and start anywhere on the body.


Looking forward to working with you, and when you think of massage I hope you think of Massage Customs.


We wish you Joy, Happiness, and Good Health.


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